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Manual - The Complete Help Desk


Hi, we are Creative Design Agency specializing in Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins.
We are passionate about good design and strive for perfection in all the work we do.

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Licensing Terms

Please be advised, in order to use the theme in a legal manner, you need to purchase a separate license
for each domain you are going to use the theme on. A single license is limited to a single domain/application.

Installation and Updates

Install & Activate Manual Theme

There are two different ways to install a Manual theme.

From wp-admin
  1. Download the "Files" using ThemeForest - "Downloads" tab
  2. unzip the downloaded .zip file
  3. Login to your WordPress Administration Panel.
  4. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
  5. Select Install Themes and select Upload.
  6. Browse your computer to select "manual.zip" file. (you will see this file after you unzip "manual - The Complete Help Desk.zip" folder)
  7. Click Install Now and WordPress will work its magic and install the theme.
  8. Activate the theme


We recommend that only advanced users use FTP method.
Download the "Files" using ThemeForest - "Downloads" tab.
Before you attempt to upload your Theme you must unzip "manual.zip" downloaded file
Open your FTP client and move unzip "manual.zip" files to your WordPress installation path. Drag & Drop the "theme-name"
folder into the following path: wp-content/themes/

Now go to your Dashboard => Appearance => Theme and activate the theme.

Other Note

If you need help installing WordPress see the link below:

Note: the theme is compatible only with the latest version of WordPress.

Problems Installing?

On rare occasions our themes may not be install properly. If you have any issues with installing the theme, Please drop your issue on our forum section .

Setting up the theme

STEP 1st

  1. Go to "Plugins => Add New" and install plugin "bbPress" and "contact form 7"

Install BBpress

Install Contact Form 7

STEP 2nd

Once you done installing and activating above plugins, Go to: Tools => Import to import all the dummy files

You will find "manual-xml.xml" inside folder "Demo XML"
Just select the file and click on "upload file and import" to import all the demo content

Quick Import? How does it Help Me?

This feature makes the necessary settings/configurations and installs demo content in the WordPress theme: categories, pages, posts and widgets.
Your manual theme will look exactly like the one you see on our live preview . It doesn't matter if you know WordPress inside out or seen it for the first time, it's always easier to modify posts, categories, pages and widgets that are already there rather then creating them from scratch. Moreover it is easier to understand how your new Manual theme works.

STEP 3rd

  1. Go to "Manual Options => Import / Export" to import all the dummy files
You will find "manual-theme-option-JSON.xml" inside folder "Demo XML"

Just open the "manual-theme-option-JSON.xml" file & copy all the code.

  1. Click on Import / Export
  2. Click on Import from File
  3. Click on Paste all code
  4. Click on Import

STEP 4th

Go to: Settings => Reading and select "Front Page as; Home" and "Post page as; News" & hit save !!! IMPORTANT

STEP 5th

Go to: Apperance => Menu and check Theme locations as: Primary Menu and hit save !!! IMPORTANT

Go to: Apperance => Menu & click on "Screen Option" (at the top) and check on "FAQ Category",
"Documentation Category" & "knowledge Base Category" !!! IMPORTANT


Setting up Your Homepage

Go to: Manual Options => Home Page, and configure home page design as per needed.

NOTE: Necesseary instruction are provided that is need to take futher steps to configure home page

Setting up Documentations

Step One: Setup Home Page for the Documentation

Go to: "Pages => Add New", enter page title and select template as: "Documentation - Home" and hit save for the documentation home page

Now you have your home page for the documentation, it is needed to create new records.

First create documentation category:

To create a new documentation, go to Documentation => Add Documentation, while creating new
records you can set the attribute as parent/ child post.

Setting up Knowledge Base

Step One: Setup Home Page for the Knowledge Base

Go to: "Pages => Add New", enter page title and select template as: "Knowledge Base - Home" and hit save for the knowledgebase home page

Now you have your home page for the Knowledge Base, it is needed to create new records.

First create Knowledge Base category:

To create a new Knowledge Base, go to Knowledge Base => New Knowledge Base

Setting up Portfolio

Step One: Setup Home Page for the Portfolio

Go to: "Pages => Add New", enter page title and select suitable portfolio page template and hit "publish"

Now you have your home page for the Portfolio, it is needed to create new records.

First create Portfolio category:

Go to: "Portfolio => Portfolio Categories", enter category name and hit "Save"

To create a new Portfolio, go to Portfolio => Add Portfolio

Setting up FAQs

Home page for the FAQs will be created using "Appreance => Menu"

First create FAQs category:

To create a new FAQs, go to FAQs => Add FAQ

Create New Page Using Visual Composer

1. Click On "Add New"

2. Click On "Backend Editor" (scroll page down you will see visual editor)

3. Click On Icon (if you want to use pre-define template, if not please click on "plus" to design your own)

4. Click On Default Template

5. Click on any template that has prefix "[Manual]" to load the design

6. Select template "Page Builder (VC) Full Width" when you done editing the theme

7. Hit publish


This theme is fully compatible with BBPress, a community forum plugin for WordPress. For the theme to load and activate it’s BBPress function, you must first install and activate BBPress, it can be found here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bbpress/ You can modify various forum settings in the theme options.


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